Eco Friendly Breakroom Solutions

Choose Coffee Solutions Group Services For All Your "Green" Office Refreshment Needs.

Why should your office start using green products?

The benefits are significant. First, companies are starting to be more aware of protecting the planet's valuable natural resources and promoting conservation. Secondly, there is less water and air pollution produced during the production of recycled products. A third benefit would be that green products are friendlier to office and facility environments. And, finally, using refillable products saves on landfill space. These are just a few of the important reasons to make the switch today. With a wide selection of green cleaning products and green office products to choose from, your entire office can help make the world a better place.

To become diligent in protecting the environment, allow Coffee Solutions Group to supply your green cleaning products and green office products. We carry true, environmentally friendly recycled products perfect for the office.


Paper Products

Our Emerald Brand Collection of paper products include Napkins, Bathroom Tissue, and Facial Tissue. Emerald Brand paper products are naturally soft and 70% tree-free, and made with Bagasse.

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  • › Towels
  • › C-Fold Towels
  • › Household Roll Towels
  • › Multi-Fold Towels
  • › Industrial Towels
  • › Bathroom Tissue
  • › Facial Tissue
  • › Toilet Seat Covers
  • › Recycled Papers


Disposable Serving

Take a break from worrying about using disposables! Our Emerald Brand Collection line is durable enough for everyday use both at home and in the break room. Our Emerald Brand Collection Emerald clay coated paper plates come in a variety of sizes. Emerald Brand Collection Utensils are made with 70% Plant Starch and are suitable for hot foods up to 200 degrees Emerald Select Design Paper Hot Cups are chlorine-free.

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  • › Cutlery
  • › Hot Cups
  • › Lids
  • › Plates
  • › Stirrers


Cleaning Products

Cleaning products don't need to be toxic to get the job done. Emerald brand Earth cleaners are made from readily renewable ingredients. Stay clean, stay healthy with Emerald Brand cleaning products.

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  • › All Purpose Cleaners
  • › Dishwashing Liquid
  • › Glass Cleaners
  • › Hand Soaps
  • › Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • › Earth Essence Cleaners


Trash Bags

We use billions of plastic bags each year in this country and less than 3% ever get recycled. It takes a normal plastic bag over a thousand years to degrade in a landfill.

LEEDS compliant COEX Supertuff CXP is Scientific Certification Systems Certified, guaranteeing at least 80% recycled material composition, of which 10% is certified post consumer waste content. This unique product meets LEEDS criteria for municipal, state and federal regulations. ALUF Plastics is proud to offer the only SCS Certified Post Consumer liner with Microban antimicrobial protection. Adding Microban provides an additional feature which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the inside and outside of the bag, keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings. This highly engineered tri-laminated product incorporates extra strength at lower gauges while providing an advantageous cost in use when compared to traditional black bags. These bags feature star sealed bottoms for leak-proof strength, and are packed in a handy dispenser carton.

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  • › Clear Bags

Eco Friendly Supplies

You can supply the restrooms in your office with toilet tissue, paper towels and facial tissues made from alternative materials like Bagasse. Even your company kitchen can be stocked with eco friendly paper towels, coffee filters, plates, cups and even forks and knives made from corn starch instead of plastic! It is easy to become environmentally conscious once you learn about all the green office products that are available.