Introducing Lavít – Single Serve Cold Beverages Still and Sparkling


drink: healthy
rich in vitamins and less than 10 calories

drink: eco
1/7 the aluminum of a 12oz can & easy to recycle

drink: free
free of preservatives

drink: natural
all natural flavors and real fruit actives

drink: local
convenience and choice on demand

drink: well
every Lavít beverage helps provide fresh water to those in need

drink: creatively
mixologist inspired beverage creations

drink: pure
still or sparkling

Capsule Features

  • 100% recyclable aluminum
  • High barrier properties
  • Up to 24 month shelf life
  • In capsule mixing process
  • Patent pending
  • Smart id system coming soon
17.5" x 14" x 19"
42 lbs empty weight
5 liter cold and 1 liter carbonation tanks
Bottled water pump kit option
Commercial grade design and components
Anti-microbial surfaces
Ozone disinfection
No cross contamination between beverages
Large interactive touchscreen
High quality sparkling water